Where can I purchase the e-books

1) Purchasing on store.grupoasis.com [Online + offline access]

The e-book activation process in your digital library will start once you have completed your purchase:

  • If you already had a myvetlibrary.com account with the same username (email address), the e-book will be automatically linked to your account. You will receive confirmation e-mails.
  • If you did not have a myvetlibrary.com account or you are registered with a different email address, a new account will be created with your Grupo Asís Store username and password and the e-book will then be linked to the account. You will receive confirmation e-mails.

2) Purchasing an ebook on the Servet Digital app [Offline access only]

By using the App Store and Google Play in-app purchase systems. For this type of purchase, because the personal data collected by Apple and Google cannot be shared with third parties, it is not possible for the ebook to be linked to your myvetlibrary.com account. The online version of the ebook will therefore not be available.

3) If you have a book that includes access to the digital version [Online + offline access]

Find the activation code inside of the front cover and insert it into the form “Activate code”.

How do I access to my e-books

1) Online access

By logging in to myvetlibrary.com from your PC or Mac, you will be able to access to the online version of the books you have purchased.

Note: this excludes the books purchased on the Apple Store and Google Play.

2) Offline access

By downloading the “Servet Digital” app. If you have purchased a book on our online store or activated a code from a print book, you will have to synchronize the app by logging in with your myvetlibrary.com username and password.

Due to the fact that in many cases they include multimedia content, our digital books can only be downloaded within our application, so they are not available in pdf or epub formats to open them with other readers.

Below, we show you how to do it for each SO, depending on if you have an iOS device or an Android device.

- iOS

1.- Click on the “Profile” tab.

2.- Select log in.

3.- Type in your username and password.

- Android

1.- Open menu (red circle).

2.- Select log in.

3.- Type in your username and password.

If you have a code to activate any of the titles available in our catalog, insert the code into the form and activate it. The publication will be activated instantly so you can read it online or download it on your mobile device.

Currently, access to the Veterinary Digital Library activation is done by code distributed by the sponsors of the editions already published. Soon you will be able to buy and activate our digital publications on this page. More info.

Download the App Servet digital