About the Veterinary Digital Library

Only available for print books that include an activation code or for ebooks purchased through our online store.

How do I activate my e-book?

  1. Go to myvetlibrary.com
  2. Type in your activation code and fill in the registration form.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.
  4. When your account has been activated, you will be able to access your e-book on myvetlibrary.com, after logging in with the username and password you chose when you registered.

Where can I find the activation code?

You will usually find it on the inside cover of your printed book, provided a digital version of the book is available. If the book has been given to you by a company sponsoring its publication, they should be able to inform you correctly.

How can I read my e-book?

Once you have logged in our website, you will find the links to the different reading modes in the section “My library”.

PC / Mac: link to read the book online.
iOS / Android: link to install the app Servet digital.

As our books often include multimedia content, digital versions can only be downloaded within our app and are not available in pdf or epub format to be read with other readers.

I have already installed the application, how do I download my e-book?

In order to download the e-books you have activated, you will need to synchronise the app with your myvetlibrary.com account. Type in your username and password for myvetlibrary.com; once synchronisation is complete, the e-books you have activated will be available to download from the “Library” tab.


1.- Click on the “Profile” tab.

2.- Select log in.

3.- Type in your username and password.


1.- Open menu (red circle).

2.- Select log in.

3.- Type in your username and password.

If you have a code to activate any of the titles available in our catalog, insert the code into the form and activate it. The publication will be activated instantly so you can read it online or download it on your mobile device.

Currently, access to the Veterinary Digital Library activation is done by code distributed by the sponsors of the editions already published. Soon you will be able to buy and activate our digital publications on this page. More info.

Download the App Servet digital